Website design

Whether it’s a website, interface redesign or an app, we design for the user, not just the eye. By understanding how customers engage with design and paying careful attention to on-site customer behaviour, we are able to use UX insights to deliver designs that increase sales and enquiries.

Each project begins with a consultation and scoping exercise to gain an in-depth understanding of your customers, objectives and metrics; enabling our designers to create a solution that precisely meets your business needs.

Responsive design

Your website is your shop front: your digital opportunity to turn visitors into customers and customers into advocates. We achieve brand consistency for our clients through responsive design, guaranteeing a fantastic user experience on any device or platform.


Wireframes enable our designers to work collaboratively with clients to identify key user journeys, appropriate calls-to-action and tailor the layout and placement of content around them, before entering the full creative phase. This ensures our solutions meet your business needs right from the outset.

Benefits of adopting a Responsive Design

  • Brand consistency across all platforms
  • Usability – Improved customer experience
  • Reduction in dropout rates
  • No redirects
  • Better download speeds, tailored to device
  • Easier / cheaper to maintain – A responsive website design means that you can manage one website, one set of content, one set of links.
  • Improved SEO – A responsive website improves SEO as the one website caters for all browsing devices
  • Easier to monitor analytics and track

start a new project with Us ?

Step by step, we will create the best website for you
Vision and graphic design
Together with you we are going to create vision of your online store. We provide you graphic design based on your guidelines and newest trends.
Implementation is the process of building the web according to its design. The functionality of your online store will be always consult with you.
Optimization of the store for mobile devices
Your online store should be working on all mobile devices - we will take care of this. All your clients will be able to buy your products used tablets and smartphones.
Introduction of the project life
Finalna wersja twojego sklepu na tym etapie ląduje w sieci - Ty oraz twoi klienci możecie cieszyć się wszystkimi mozliwosciami w nowym sklepie internetowym. Final version of your new online store is going life. You and your clients could enjoy new design and all functionality of you fresh new web store.